housemade waffles


with you in mind.

Just like how each individual is unique, our menu was carefully crafted to cater to everyone.  Station 38 Coffee is located in East Sacramento.  We aim to help the community stay focused in their daily routine.  Whether it is a cup of Joe to get you going, a fresh made waffle to fill your belly or an organic acai bowl or smoothie to get you closer to your healthier lifestyle.  

Our coffee is freshly roasted in Sacramento.  We offer a traditional coffee menu along with a specialty coffee menu. Certain specialty drinks include Cafe du Monde in our Vietnamese coffee and The Manda, which is a combination of Thai tea and cafe.

Minnie Nguyen had a mission when she came up with her liege waffle recipe! It had to have the right look, taste and feel.  You will see!

Station 38 Coffee was started with the goal of offering a truly healthier alternative.  We only use organic loose leaf tea, all natural, quality ingredients, and house made syrups from scratch. Our Organics sections of the menu includes the acai bowl and smoothies made with your health in mind.

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you!

Staying Focused

 Matters to us. 

It was important to us to provide a comfortable space for you,  your work space, or spending time with your love ones.  We have plenty of seatings design to help you stay focus on what matters.

Defend your mind... coffee first!

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